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We are the engine of the stage, the artists behind the scene, providing professional instruments to develop initiatives and solutions within the show business.


Based on an accurate technical research, we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding services to run the mechanism on and off stages.


Our close-knit team made of enthusiastic associates share the desire to provide a wide-ranging vocational contribution to the show mechanism.


The ultimate clubbing experience in Thailand


Concerts & DJ’s from Sonar 2015 edition in Barcellona


Concerts & Musicians from IO MTV in Malta

Alvaro Lanciai

Filippo Torre


Arturo Pellegrini


Marco Benedetti

Matteo Bennici

Francesco Bolognesi

Alessandro Filipazzi

Giuseppe Innaro


Filippo Panella

Luca Santagostino

Giacomo Spadoni

Susantha Don Amarasekara

Mario Rossi

Gianluca Tilesi


Stefano Mariani


Andrea Coppini

Andrea Tosi

Alessio Pasquazi - Audio Tech - Skeldon

Alessio Pasquazi

Alessandro Moccia


Luca De Candido

Alessandro Albertazzi - Light Console Operator - Ske

Alessandro Albertazzi

Andrea Ceri - Audio Tech - Ske

Andrea Ceri

Stefano Piras